Candidate Support Services – Coaching and Support

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Candidate Coaching and Support services are customized to your needs. The following are common areas of request, but we will support you as a candidate in the ways that interest and help you most.

Services Offered may include any of the following, or may be your own specific areas of interest:

  • Assessment – Whether you have just entered the job market or have been searching for over a year, this is the starting point for a plan.
  • Professional Resume and Cover Letter – Customized for different positions – we have a great source for this.
  • Positioning Yourself to be Noticed – How to be more visible on LinkedIn and in general – improving and managing your profile.
  • Developing a Strategy – This is a crucial and ongoing part of our mission. Your campaign will mean responding to job posts, tailoring your resume and cover letter to particular positions. It will also mean building a comprehensive list of ways to find postings beyond LinkedIn.
  • Building a Target List of Companies – In terms of introducing yourself, most job seekers are aiming at the largest most well known organizations, and we’ll help you do this as well. We can also help you to include niche and regional players in your job search.
  • Executing a Strategy – Strategy also includes a more pro active effort to introduce yourself to firms likely to need candidates with your specific talents. This is something we can help compile for you – and a targeted outreach follows.
  • Targeting the Right Firms – It’s important to enlarge the range of firms that might have need for your experience, and interest in you as a candidate. We can help identify a broader group of target companies and incorporate them into your search.
  • Responding to Ad Posts – Increase your chance of being selected for interview.
  • Staying Relevant – Ways to stay active and relevant in your field while search continues.
  • Working with the Search Manager – This may be an internal Talent Manager, Hiring Manager, or outside recruiter.
  • Interview Preparation – Personalized coaching for interview process from initial phone interview to final rounds.
  • Post Interview Dissection – We’ll discuss how it went, and help with interpretation of the interview as a whole.
  • Post Interview Follow Up – The mandatory and the extras – thank you notes/e-mails, appropriate ways to stay in touch.
  • Second Interviews and Beyond – Discussions leading to offer, how to negotiate and respond.


Consulting Services Fees: Our hourly consulting rate is $120 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum to start.

Starting Package – Assessment and Strategy: As a starting point, we’ll assess where you’re at now, focus on your priorities in term of positions which interest you most, and others you would consider. We’ll create a plan that targets your areas of interest, and firms that are most likely to have interest in you.

From that point on, we can schedule time as needed, or work out a package that works for you. An individual hour of coaching can be purchased at any time – no minimum # of hours required. For more information, please e-mail April Sheets at

Candidate Startup Package
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