Retained Search – Our Flagship Service

Corporate Services | Investment Recruiting

Sheets Associates has provided retained search services for the investment management industry and other clients for over 20 years. It is the most tailored and proactive recruiting solution available. This process has ensured excellent candidates every time, filling executive level to niche experience positions. We have placed senior management hires in investment management, marketing and client facing roles, senior portfolio managers, heads of trading, executive management leading securities lending, as well as countless credit and equity analyst positions.

Managing Overflow Candidate Response and Interviewing for Corporate Clients

Interviewing referral candidate possibilities from ad response or internal recommendations is a part of nearly every search process. It is also a potential stand alone service for clients. It can involve a few prospect interviews or several. There is sometimes a good find in the group, sometimes not, but we provide a full report for management to consider.

Reference Checks

We have conducted reference checks for senior management that included speaking with a large group of different references to provide perspective. We also routinely provide more traditional, typical reference checks that are due diligence, or may focus on an area of concern.

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