How it Works – The Process

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Sheets Associates spends time with you at the onset of the search, getting to know your company, as well as the group for which the search will be conducted. Understanding your strengths as well as limitations in the marketplace, your goals for the position and the business unit is vital to the success of the search.

We offer in-depth experience in all aspects of successful search and manage the process. Intelligent, thorough sourcing and candidate identification are first steps. As candidates are identified and brought forward, it is our role to stay in close communication with both the candidates and our client organization. It is critical that both sides have the information needed to make decisions. The process is well managed and reflects favorably upon your organization.

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As candidate selection narrows to a smaller final group, our role in communication becomes even more important. Both candidates and the hiring organization have questions and concerns that can be best put forth by a trusted intermediary at this time. We ensure that both you and the candidate have the information needed to make decisions; that questions and concerns are addressed.

Throughout the search, we work with you to ensure that the interview process moves forward smoothly, and that you have essential feedback. We offer assistance with compensation and relocation packages as well as reference checking. Our commitment is to filling your position with the best possible candidate. We are there until that candidate is hired.

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