How We Succeed



With one of the best research efforts and staff in the business, we successfully identify prospects with very closely matched skills, experience, and suitability to the environment is a mainstay of our business.

We have a comprehensive database built from years of experience in the industry.

With ongoing, continuous contact with people in your industry we provide a network that is always active and up to date with changes in the industry.


All potential candidates are directly contacted by the principal of the firm. Your company is always professionally represented. Positions for which we recruit are presented favorably, but also professionally and accurately.

Candidates are handled with respect and individual attention. The search process will reflect favorably on the company, even for prospects not chosen.


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Sheets Associates brings forth the best candidates in the industry for any given position with a very proactive effort. We are known for this kind of effort. We never rely on ads, or even networking alone. A comprehensive approach to candidate identification is multi-faceted, and issues affecting your prospect group and the industry can be used to your organization’s advantage. Many of our successful placements have come from uncovering candidates not actively looking.

Most importantly, our effort never stops until you have hired someone who fits your needs. Challenges within your company or the industry itself are not insurmountable for us. It is our business to go beyond the obvious universe of prospects and uncover good people who may not be as easily.

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