Reference Checks – Clarification, Reassurance – and Sometimes Avoiding a Costly Mistake

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Reference checks are an often overlooked step in the hiring process, which is understandable – particularly in a field that relies upon quantifiable talents; the right skill sets and experience. The reference check suggestion also comes at a time when both candidate and hiring company are feeling good about getting started. It can almost seem to hurt the all around positive spirit that has been established, and there may be times when a candidate is well enough known to bypass this step.

There is a good argument to be made for making reference checks routine however, including the occasional horror story which leads back to second guessing the process. Clients will sometimes employ a reference check when there is more than one serious candidate and learning more about each can be clarifying.

Other times there is a great candidate, with just one minor issue that bothered people just a bit. We have seen a reference check clear something like this up as a point of concern, but have also seen the check validate it.

If your search and prospective hiring process could benefit from a reference check on a group of finalists or only one, this is a service in which we bring years of experience and discretion. Our goal is that you get to know the candidate better through the perceptions of others, and that the tough or sensitive questions will not go unanswered.

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