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Leading an In House Search is Time Intensive. Here are some ways we can help:

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If you are a Research Director, Portfolio Manager, Investment Team or Talent Development Leader, the filling of an analyst or portfolio manager position may rest with you. Even in the best situations, with great assistance from Talent Development and other team members, this just takes a substantial amount of time, energy and focus – as does your job.

Alternatives – Let us manage ad response inflow – see only the best, truly qualified responses:

When help is needed but you are not ready to hire a search firm, posting ads online is a common first strategy. It is not without merit, but is often a bigger consumer of time and focus than is expected.

While ad postings are a productive part of the process, selection gets more complicated for managers. You are seeing too much and it is a distraction. New waves of responses continue to come in – each one changing the total possible potpourri, and shuffling the priority candidates. This is not an easy process to let go of or control.

It can be very helpful to have the right person helping to manage the responses – working through the stack of ad response candidates, referrals, and “friendly suggestion” resumes to which you must respond. Someone with expertise in interviewing for the same positions in your industry is needed.

We can manage this kind of vetting/interviewing for a large group of candidate possibilities, categorizing those in terms of potential fit for the position. We provide a written profile which overviews each candidate in key ways with focus on your priorities. This may include appropriate financial analysis experience, caliber of other skills requested, career history, stability, cultural fit, credit/equity training and expertise if applicable, and information on the candidate’s goals. This provides a meaningful sort for a manager assessing the group. The smaller group with real candidate potential is separated out.

There are a variety of ways we can be of assistance – please call or write to discuss:
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