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Sheets Associates Investment Search is a boutique executive search firm devoted exclusively to serving the investment industry. We are a full service search firm that will take your search project from inception to completion – the successful hiring of the right candidate. We bring 20 + years in business and 25+ years experience in investment focused recruiting and search – both as in-house recruiting management, and with a financial services focused retained search firm. We have placed hundreds of candidates, and interviewed thousands.

Retained Search – Our Process

Our retained search effort is dedicated exclusively to your specific hiring need – finding the best person to meet your standards, and fill a crucial spot on your team. Recruiting proactively means introducing your opportunity to the best in your industry. Whether in portfolio management, credit/equity analysis of any style or sector focus, trading management, product management, or institutional marketing and more – we will proactively recruit for your position. We bring the best of that candidate pool to you, our client.

The Big Difference

Our retained search process has one laser focus – to find the best candidates for your position. The best candidates often come from competitor companies, including those that have a highly regarded team, product, performance record, process or culture. This is the start of our recruiting universe. We will publicize the position appropriately, but our search for the best prospects is targeted and proactive.

You will see candidates who are already succeeding elsewhere in positions like yours, meeting similar standards, in comparable environments. Candidates who able to fit well within your organization and contribute. Candidates bringing the ability to step into the role you now have open, and add value immediately.

Considering Retained Search – Weighing the Best Next Step?

Contact us to learn more about our retained search process and the best next step for your organization. This comprehensive service spares hiring managers interruption and loss of job focus until truly needed. Instead, managers are called upon at the right time, when candidates are in hand and ready for consideration. We offer different, flexible options – and will work with you to provide service that best suits your needs.

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April Sheets – Direct: 636-273-9900

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